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My Journey Through Personal Branding

If you didn’t catch my interview with Rory and AJ Vaden on The American Dream: Selling Nashville, you missed a chance to learn about personal branding from two of the foremost experts in the field. Rory and AJ are New York Times Best Selling authors, Hall of Fame speakers and top-rated podcast hosts, in addition to operating Brand Builders Group, based here in Nashville. 

I’ve been a client of Brand Builders Group for about a year and half, because I knew that personal branding was going to be important for my business. But what I didn’t know at the time, was that having a strong personal brand is the thing that would grow my business more than ANYTHING else. And I don’t just mean knowing how to create reels of beautiful listings, but having an intentional strategy in place designed to grow your audience, nurture your audience and then SELL to your audience. 

Rory and AJ say the secret to personal branding is to “find your uniqueness and exploit it in the service of others.” 

It’s easy to say, but not so easy to do, especially when you’ve already got a billion other items on your to-do list as a real estate agent. But here are two reasons why growing a unique personal brand is critical to your real estate business. 

  1. Your past clients and your potential clients are watching. They probably know half a dozen Realtors (at least) and when it comes time to buy or sell, they’re going to feel most confident hiring the one who they can see is super active, well connected, and who clearly understands how to reach today’s consumer. 
  2. I’m not trying to scare you (ok maybe a little), but there’s a whole new crop of young real estate agents on their way up who want YOUR business. And these newbie agents may not know squat about real estate yet, but you know what they do know…social media. 

Here’s the good news, you’re in the sweet spot! You DO know what you’re doing, you DO have a track record of success and when you put a strategy in place to expand the reach of your already solid reputation, you’ll be bulletproof.

About Lacey Newman

Lacey is the leading luxury listing agent in the Green Hills area, curating effective sales strategies for hundreds of clients including industry leaders, celebrities, and professional athletes. She is also the host of The American Dream: Selling Nashville where she gains national television exposure for her properties and highlights the lifestyle and culture of the Nashville community.

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