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The Program to Elevate Your Life & Your Business

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You're Not a Typical Agent. You're an Elevated Agent.

An elevated agent follows no ones playbook but her own.

Ready to go against the norm?

This is your invitation to join us inside the Elevated Agent Collective

I will give you the strategies and systems, mindset support, and energetic up-levels I've personally used to go from zero to $150m worth of listings in our pipeline. It's time to build the real estate empire you know you're worthy of.

recession-proof growth

Even in one of the slowest markets in recent history, we've stacked over $150M in listings in our pipeline for 2024. 5X more than we've ever had at the start of a new year.

I’m going to be walking you through the very best of what I’ve learned and experienced in taking my business from basically zero in 2014 to running a top 1% luxury real estate team.

here's a secret:

All that advice you've heard...
you don't have to do any of it.

You can create massive success on your own terms. But the truth is- typical agents don't know that.

Typical Agents

Elevated Agents

There is a better way!

I’m proof that it’s possible and my mission is to help you become the proof of it, too.

Hi there! I'm Lacey Newman.

I know that if building a wildly successful real estate empire on my terms, without sacrificing my sanity or abandoning who I am has been possible for me, it is absolutely possible for you.

Today, I’m the co-founder of the Heard Newman Team at COMPASS, a RealTrends top 1.5% team which in one of the lowest markets in recent history, stacked $150M in our pipeline for 2024. 

But, I had a love/hate relationship with my real estate business for the first 10 years. 

I knew I was great at my job, but I constantly struggled with an inconsistent flow of business, chaotic work/life balance and was confused and overwhelmed by my to-do list. 

But then everything changed in 2014…when I got divorced.  Because I’d been through hell and back, so many things  shifted for me and within me, and I started looking at things in an entirely new way. I refused to do anything anyone’s way but my own.

I absolutely had to find a way to make a substantial, steady income, and since my time with my kids was already divided, I had to be in control of my schedule. 

I had to elevate my business because as a single mom, the typical way was no longer an option. I’m ready to help you elevate yours, too.

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I know for sure that if having

More Money

More Business

& More Peace

has been possible for me, IT IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE FOR YOU.

the program


Elevated Agents
Content Library

Instant access to The Elevated Agent Content Library, where I walk you through everything I’ve done to build my top 1% luxury real estate team. No gatekeeping whatsoever! 

Learn on your own schedule with concise, efficient pre-recorded lessons & accompanying workbooks designed to maximize your time & transformation.


Weekly Group
Coaching Calls

My mission is for this to be the highlight of your week! I’ll personally help you troubleshoot, strategize, and give you exactly what YOU need to create the business you know you’re worthy of. 

I’ll inspire you, hold you accountable, and push you to elevate your standards so you can elevate your results.

Calls will be on Tuesdays at 10 am CST. On weeks I’m away, you’ll have a guest expert or a bonus training you’ll love!


Bonus Materials & Private Community

Resources, including the #1 most valuable asset of my business, the OWN Your Business Real Estate Tracker, which helped us 4X our sales in 3 years.

Can you do it alone? Sure. But it’s a lot more fun and fulfilling to be in a community where you can connect & collaborate with other Elevated Agents from around the country to ask questions, share ideas, and get support in our private community.

the curriculum

Module 01

Elevate Your CEO Status

OWN Your Business So You Can Grow Your Business with my Framework to Organize, Analyze and Optimize 


Module 02

Elevate Your Brand

Learn the Secrets to Magnetically Attract Your Ideal Client with an Authentic Personal Brand

Module 03

Elevate Your Vision

Create Your Most Ideal Opportunities by Transforming into Your Most Ideal Self

Module 04

Elevate Your Vibe

Optimize Your Energy Investments to Multiply Your Time and Get More Bang for Your Energetic Buck

Module 05

Elevate Your Boundaries

Safeguard Your Most Valuable Resource and Be Respected as the High Level Professional You Are

Module 06

Elevate Your Wealth

Maximize Your Revenue Generating Activities and Create Abundance in Your Business without Burning Out

the results

After This Experience You'll:

the investment

6 Month Membership

6 monthly payments of

$600 USD

6 Month Membership

pay in full & Save $600

$3000 USD

client love

"As a woman who had been grappling with feelings of being stuck and self-doubt, this course was a revelation."

"Through engaging discussions, practical exercises, and hands-on experiences, I was able to break free from the limitations I had imposed on myself. I learned to navigate challenges with newfound confidence and embrace opportunities with a sense of empowerment."

"The Elevated Agent Collective raises the bar and provides a towering and refreshing perspective."

"If you’re looking for permission to immediately trash every ineffective, archaic business practice, discover your ideal client, redefine what success means and embrace the areas of your business which are already infusing life into your experience as an agent, this is the group for you."

"Joining the Elevated Agent Collective has been one of my best decisions of 2023. "

"It helped me gain so much clarity not only on the 'why' behind my business but on how to run it as a true high-level professional. If you've been complacent in your business or just need guidance on how to take it to the next level - this is for you! The best money is always spent investing in yourself!"

questions & Answers

This is for experienced agents looking to elevate their business or newer agents who want to create a solid foundation for a simple, sustainable business. It isn’t for agents looking for basic real estate instruction, contracts, etc. This is high level.

Achieving different results requires different standards and accountability. If you’re frustrated by not having the success that you know is possible for you and want to learn from someone who does it all herself, it is definitely the right time. 

*Important Note* A strict six month commitment is required.

This program helps you create systems in your business that save you time and allow you to operate more efficiently as a business owner. Don’t think of it as something “else” to add to your plate. Think of it as a way to help you focus on the right things- what is most important to grow your business and increase your revenue.

There are over 10 hours of pre-recorded trainings, + workbooks and bonus materials, including the most valuable asset of my business, the OWN Your Business Real Estate Tracker. You can work through the material at your own pace. 

The live group coaching calls are 1 hr once a week for 6 months.

Because you get all of the content as soon as you register, I require a strict six-month commitment for every person who joins. After six months, you’re welcome to cancel (by emailing [email protected] three days before your next billing cycle). Otherwise, your membership will automatically renew, and you’ll continue to be billed until you cancel.

You’ll have access to all content for as long as you’re an active, paying member. Upon cancelling your membership/the month you’ve paid through being completed, you will lose access to the membership site and community.

Calls will take place on Tuesdays at 10am CST. This is a judgment free zone, so come as you are and be ready with your camera on.

This your chance to get your specific questions answered. I’ve found that the people who raise their hand the most, get the most out of this program. 

Weekly calls will not be held during the weeks of major holidays, including the 4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter. Other than those blackout weeks, I’ll occasionally have a guest expert or pre-recorded training in my absence, up to 6 times per year.

I created this program for you because...

I know what it feels like to know you're a great agent, but not see the results that you want.
I know what it's like to have a business that feels chaotic.
I know what it feels like to compare yourself to other agents and wonder what they know that you don't.
I've done a lot right, and a lot wrong over the years, and I'm absolutely determined to help as many women as I can create a business that they can be proud of, that they love, and that can give them the security and freedom that only comes with having something that is all your own.

And, I want it to come more quickly and more easily for you than it did for me.

- Love, Lacey

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