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Real Estate’s PR Crisis and what YOU can do about it

2023 is the year that what we all knew was finally said out loud. In general, the public doesn’t respect or value real estate agents as the high level service providers that we are. We have to own our responsibility in that, and commit to conducting ourselves professionally all the time and take steps to change this narrative and the perception of our industry.

As counterintuitive as it may sound, having boundaries with your clients is the first step toward elevating your perception as a professional. Does your doctor run over to your house the moment you call? Does your attorney answer your text at 9pm? Probably not. 

“The first agent who answers the phone gets the client” mentality has hurt us as an industry because it commoditizes and devalues us, not allowing room for our different experience and service levels to be taken into account when we’re hired. 

We shouldn’t be picking up the phone and rushing to go show a house to someone we just met on the phone 5 minutes ago. 

 Instead, we should be: 

  • Sitting down at a table and having a consultation helping them understand the service we provide and setting expectations on both sides 
  • Understanding them personally, as well as their motivations and goals
  • Getting a representation agreement signed to establish your agency relationship 

Signing an agreement is a standard practice in nearly all industries. When we conduct ourselves the same way other high level professionals do, it establishes trust, which leads to better outcomes for our clients. Having boundaries isn’t selfish, it’s a necessary part of doing business and an important part of establishing mutually beneficial relationships.

About Lacey Newman

Lacey is the leading luxury listing agent in the Green Hills area, curating effective sales strategies for hundreds of clients including industry leaders, celebrities, and professional athletes. She is also the host of The American Dream: Selling Nashville where she gains national television exposure for her properties and highlights the lifestyle and culture of the Nashville community.

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