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Overcoming the fear of the camera

I don’t know about you, but when I signed up to be a real estate agent, I never in my wildest dreams thought that being on camera would be part of my job description. But here we are…

It was a few years ago that I accepted that including video was an important part of marketing my listings, but it took me an entire year of thinking about showing my face on camera before I actually did it. 

Why? The fear of judgment. 

I’d pick the most inappropriate, irrelevant people and imagine what they’d think of me if somehow they saw this video. That guy from high school…what’s he going to think? That other agent I just did a deal with…what’s she going to think? 

I’d imagine the critical things that the least important people to my business would say. Talk about a waste of emotional energy! All of these pretend conversations we have in our head are just giving voice to our own insecurities. 

Overcoming this is easy once you take the focus off yourself, and put the focus on the client you want to serve. If you can focus on your ideal client, and really get into their head and heart thinking about their questions, stresses, and the dreams that they have, then it helps you block out all the noise from all the other people that just don’t matter. 

Another really great way to start overcoming the fear of showing up on camera is just to start incorporating it into your everyday life. Most of us use FaceTime, but somehow recording a video and sending it somehow feels completely different.

I put this in practice with one of my coaching students recently. Instead of texting me, I asked her to record a video and send it. We started going back and forth recording short videos for each other. At first, she was super robotic and uncomfortable. After about twenty minutes of back and forth, the difference was amazing. 

Everyone feels awkward when they first start. The secret is to just rip the band aid off and start! 

About Lacey Newman

Lacey is the leading luxury listing agent in the Green Hills area, curating effective sales strategies for hundreds of clients including industry leaders, celebrities, and professional athletes. She is also the host of The American Dream: Selling Nashville where she gains national television exposure for her properties and highlights the lifestyle and culture of the Nashville community.

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