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See Real Estate Differently 

Those of us who see real estate differently than it has been perceived- as a cringy salesman vibe- We see real estate in an elevated way, but are still really worried about coming off as too salesy. That’s not how we want to be and how we want to be perceived. It holds us back and creates a fear of selling, asking for the business, and asking for referrals. 

The antidote to that fear is value. I don’t mean giving value by reposting the market update square that your broker put out with no additional commentary on it. I don’t mean value by sending out your form newsletter or your “don’t forget, it’s daylight savings time” email, that’s not value, that’s fluff that nobody wants. 

What I mean by value is bringing YOU into it. All of the things that you can do to market yourself as an agent, you can either do it the basic way or you can do it the elevated way where you bring the you factor into everything you’re doing. 

When you’re providing true value to your clients, when you’re showing them how they can get their finances in line so that they can get the dream home that they want down the road one day, that’s real value. So you’re sharing information that your ideal client needs to have that helps better their lives and adds genuine value to them. Then you have the right to ask for the business and they’re gonna give it to you happily and graciously because you’ve already done so much for them.

About Lacey Newman

Lacey is the leading luxury listing agent in the Green Hills area, curating effective sales strategies for hundreds of clients including industry leaders, celebrities, and professional athletes. She is also the host of The American Dream: Selling Nashville where she gains national television exposure for her properties and highlights the lifestyle and culture of the Nashville community.

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